Our Story

Our journey of creativity, resilience and passion.

Our Journey

Our Journey as individuals began way back in the early 1980s since we are all born creative beings, however since each one of us is less or more passionate about something, our passion turned out to be Design Engineering.

In 2008, ImagineART was born to offer interior design and space planning consultancy. In the course of serving our clients, it became apparent that Digital Graphical manipulation, branding and photography were such a conjugal part of our line of work and for that purpose we rebranded and incorporated as Imagine Designs Company Limited in 2010.

Over the years, we have expanded organically to offer a wide range of turnkey design and build solutions in various professional fields that include Architecture, Civil structures, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP), Design Coordination branding and Interior Design while also offering impeccable Project Management services in various fields of Hospitality, Residential and Commercial projects.

In 2016, we decided to embroil in direct contracting as contract managers to get more right in dictating the direction of execution of our own design elements due to the limited practical expertise and poor workmanship of many of the existing contractors on the market.

We decided to rebrand our company to Imagine Design&Build to not only encompass what we were offering but also consolidate the market and appeal to international partners as a formidable and corporate brand.

Over time our client base has grown across borders, with an accumulative number of clients coming from the appraisal for our credibility, product quality, delivery security and minimal cost of adjustment. Today we have extended to various regions with offices in Uganda, DR Congo (Kinshasha) and UAE (Dubai) with partners from German, China, Qatar, Dubai and still striving to grow our reach and network.

Our strength lies in the passion for creativity, bringing unique elements to both modern and traditional designs.

We take pride in designing and planning environments that offer attractive solutions, ergonomic and welcoming while aiming to ensure that our clients, staff and customers enjoy the spaces and elements created.

Our competitive advantage lies in our drive to achieve and deliver high quality, innovative and practical solutions within the budget, vast project management experience, a team of highly experienced staff, ability to deliver on any size project and a culture of providing tailor-made solutions to fit your needs and requirements.

We offer full turnkey design solutions, from the conception, through to the execution phase to final handover of your new space.

Our relationships are of great value and we believe everyone becomes a part of the Imagine Design&Build family.

We believe our passion for constant challenge and perfection will lead us to be one of the best integrated design and build companies in Africa.