Project Approach

We always aim at beating the client's expectations.

01. First Meeting

  • Consultation/Management Questionnaire.
  • Identify clients’ needs and objectives,
  • Organizational structures and cross functional relationships
  • Survey existing situation
  • Assemble existing plans of building and office areas and draw up existing and the required plans.
  • Effective solutions are discussed at this time.
  • Space analysis.
  • Identify corporate identity to incorporate into design

02. Design Proposal

Based on phase #1, a Design Proposal complete with the scope of job, timelines and fees is submitted to client for approval.

The proposal highlights descriptively and sometimes visually the intended design detection, fundamental elements of the general design concept of the project and strategy.

03. Planning Phase

On appointment of Imagine Design&Build™, the relevant teams and personnel are identified, appointed and embroiled into a single design team, for that specific project, roles and deliverables for each and team/ individual are defined.

The teams goal and speck objectives are identified to formulate the strategy of execution and a project manager is appointed to oversee the smooth completion of the project.

04. Execution

Based in the instituted plan. Imagine Design&Build managers, oversee the works and activities of the appointed team, engage the project manager from time to time, review the strategy whenever required and report to the client on the progress of the project as planned.

05. Handover

On completion of the project, the project manager together with departmental managers, sign off and handover the project to the client. Please note that the project is not complete to us until it efficiently works to clients’ satisfaction.